Tuesday, September 8, 2009

option a) or option b)

hunt or be hunted
fake over or make over
sand or cement
free hand or stencil


I have just heard the word as I passed some guy on the street and was compelled to use it. So I start a blog. Seems like a very unnecessary way to introduce the word into my day, when given the opportunity I could have just slipped it in to conversation. But that's not how I choose to roll. Insurrection. Great word with negative connotations. Actually the more I think about it, the more I am wondering if I wanted to use the word 'uprising'. Who knows really. More importantly who cares.

I question a myriad of things, but am rarely hung up on answering every question that traverses through my mind. Some say it's my strong point. These people don't really know me though. Those that do would know that I carefully chose what I want to answer. I live in the grey zone and feel most comfortable there. Some never allow themselves to enter the grey zone. Your loss. More room for me and those that are like minded.

On another note, I have started this as a form of amusement and generally to mark out what spins my disco ball. It will map anything that I am fixated on. Will it be important to you, life changing and serious? Probably not. This is all about me.

Ok. 'nuff said for my first entry. I have things to do and this world will not stop to wait for me to upload things that do it for me. Crazy I say. Just crazy.